I laugh and I smile :)

Happy.. happy.. HAHA,,
Having dinner a.k.a FAMILY GATHERING at Rumbia Resort really make me FUhh~ HAHA. Their service are quite good ha. Except for da PMM's competent (HAHA, not competent fully) Yea... too many mistake. Arrangements of da silverware, da goblet (should be filled with sky juice/plain water ony) HAHA. Mind tat. None of my business:) *janji ati suka, prutt pun kenyang meyh =)
Makanan pun quite scrumptious ooh! Make me mouth-watering ma. HAHA, lapar.lapar.lapar. Ahaks3~
pizza for appetizer, spaghetti for main course *there is oso laksa penang and seafood rice for main course. And delicious ABC for dessert:D Woaaa~~ Extremely full tat time OH! Haha :)

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