Woa.. SPM getting nearer, but I'm still doing nothing. HAHA. *xde kesedaran nux exam langsung:)
Well, still doin' some preparation (BM and ENG) Both subjects ; I really..really..really hope can score it well. At least A-. and, the others subject oso ; Religion subject, and of course for sure,, MY TWO PRACTICAL subject; Penyediaan Makanan Barat dan Timur, and oso Penyajian Makanan dan Minuman. Fuhh~
If i can score tat, Im able to get 5A~ Woaaa.. Really..really..hope can get it. Coz I'd target 5A for my PMR but Im ony manages to get 4A. Disappointed ooh~ 
Well,, wish me a best of luck ea? 
Lop u all <3

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