Mr. Chia; IMY!

p/s. abaikan budak laki ni^^
OMG! I miss my sir a lot! Though I admit tat he's a bit straight, fussy, whut else? HAHA... but he's very concern about his students. Tat's da main reason why I admire him damn much! HoHOho. If not because of my mummy keep wanting me to go SMVP, maybe I'm still be Mr.Chia's student from 2006-2010. *xde jodoh,, na buad camne ann?HEHEHE. Always proud to be one of his student. He's da best sir tat I've ever had. Always remind me tat I've to keep brush up my English no matter what happen. Because of him, I started to love English & also dictionary. HAHAHA:) Being punished by him over and over because being careless and not pay attention during his class,, oh! Only God knows tat how much I miss tat moment. Gathering wif him and oso other tuition's member on da last day, really make me wanna burst into tears. *again&again. Woo~ Gonna mish you so much! Well, mind tat. I think Im gonna visit him during  Gong Xi Fa Cai tat just around da corner! ^^ >happymode<

p/s. Always remember your funny jokes, my lucky number (1), my nickname tat was given by youu, (Afa a.k.a flower), my angpau!, what else? HEHE:)

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