What will annoy you most? Hmm, me? The most annoying thing is when a boy that you treated as a friend, confess his love feeling towards you when he know that you are in love with somebody else, admitting that he can give lots of love than your bf - that i also need to be err dimanjakan? YUCKS!, mentioning that he understand you, tat he willing to keep accompany you instead of your bf and blablabla. 


Urghh, i just hate it much. Yes, you are really get me on my nerves. and i hate you much now. *saya benci orang yang suka perasan. and for your information, all my status is not for youu, IT IS JUST NOT YOU. and hey, just take care of your girl. love her with all your hearts, bukannye tambah skandal sini dan sana. Ade faham? if only i know this kinda probs will happen, i would never approved you as my friend. not that im such an arrogant person, it's just.. YOUR ATTITUDE. Meluat tahu? 

and i love my boyfriend very very much and seriously i want to be her wife someday. distance is not the matter, what more important is TRUST and LOVE. got it?


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najwa nano said...

insyaallah.jodoh panjang he will be yours.chill :)